A Boba Addict Becomes an Intern (and other stories)

new york

I almost feel like I don’t know where to begin. First of all, this isn’t even the end of my summer in New York City. Although, my last full week will be this week. Life as I know it now starts from Roosevelt Island, a male cat oddly named Mimi, and the rediscovery of my love of soccer (despite not having much talent for it). Mimi was especially instrumental in making sure I didn’t take the move to New York City too hard

None of that even explains the title, but it does give solid insight to most of my life in New York City. Most people who know me, especially those that I’m close to, are painfully aware of my love of boba. Boba, bubble tea, etc, whatever you name it, I love it. This resulted in pursuing and taking a position as a marketing intern for my favorite boba chain, Kung Fu Tea. A shameless plug, I have tried a lot of boba in New York City trying to find the best regular milk tea (black tea based), 50% sugar, less ice, with boba drink I could find and still Kung Fu Tea proves to beat out competition for this staple drink.


Anyway, my boba reviews aside for another time, what have I been doing here? Obviously, as stated, I’m a marketing intern right in Manhattan. That means a steady 10-6 work flow during the week. I had never dreamed of walking past Times Square on my way to work everyday or the fact that I could have a job where I got to dedicated time to developing commercial ideas then start to see them come to life. But, apparently, life can be better than the dreams we originally have for ourselves. Outside of work, I take pride in the fact I have managed to make friends here I didn’t have from school also in New York for the summer. A big shout out to my Roosevelt Island roomie for that.

(I look slightly like a tomato, but hey gotta love exercise.)

Zog Sports is a lovely organization and I owe all the friendships (outside work) I’ve gained to it. The soccer teams are co-ed and often in desperate need of girls. Coincidentally, I was in desperate need of workout means and motivation. This is how my roommate brought me onto, not just one, but two soccer teams this summer. For the first time I’ve been able to play without anxiety (my teammates are just happy I’m there so they can play without being penalized points). However, I like to think I have vastly improved in skill and luckily my boxing training has been put to good use. My proudest accomplishment of the summer being that I was the only person on my team last Friday to play the entirety of two games without a sub and still wanting to play more.

Along the way of playing and working, I’ve seen a lot of art and also ate a lot. No one would tell you that I’m a good cook. But that’s because before this summer I didn’t know how to cook. However, I am accomplished in not-so-pretty, as well as, wow-Vanessa-cooked-that dishes now. The real highlight is the New York City food scene, though.

With Hey Nessa Lane, I’ll be sure to write plenty more about everything I’ve mentioned here and a lot more. It’s shocking I’ve made it so far without anything about shopping.

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