Pt. 2 Go To Skincare

Like many people, I was not genetically gifted with perfect skin. I struggled throughout my teenage years with acne right alongside most of my friends. I’m only 20 so those painful memories are fresh in mind. I would say within the last 3 years the larger breakouts stopped and only recently (when I started paying attention to skincare) have I felt like I could say I had healthier skin. Also, I want to take a second to apologize for the post delay. Life happens. So, now I’ve gathered my top 6 skin care products that I can’t live without. I’ll address them based on frequency of use.

It’s despicable how often I use makeup remover wipes. I’ll be upfront about that. However, when you’re always in a hurry it’s a relief to just use a wipe and not think about anything more complicated. I’ve talked about these once before, so I won’t go into a ton of detail. Just know they do a great job of getting off all my makeup. Their scents are light and my faves are the coconut and the yuzu!


Next up, since I have dry skin I have to keep a check on it. Moisturizer has become a priority for me with skincare. I was introduced to this moisturizer by Bare Minerals and it really impacted my skin. I was never one of those people who felt like my skin was glowing when I woke up in the morning. But after I began using this once a day, I noticed a difference. My skin actually was glowy in that it was supple and more evenly toned. Additionally, since I’d had acne in the past I hate anything that feels remotely greasy going on my face, but this moisturizer does not go on heavy and feels refreshing. The product is a solid investment and the chic packaging is a plus. A cheaper alternative I’ve used a lot at night is this sleep pack from Tony Moly. I go through moisturizer and I’m sad I’m almost out of this right now. Its smell is so pleasant, think lavender and something sweet. The packaging is adorable (my favorite animal is a panda) and Tony Moly is one of my favorite Korean beauty brands.

The acne I had, especially in my early teens, left my pores in need of major help and added texture to my skin. Still today I would say that’s my biggest issue. So, Skinfood is the brand I turned to. While exploring Ulta their products caught my eye because they had a line addressing pores. Skinfood is another Korean beauty brand. Korean brands really have the game beat when it comes to innovation and reputation in beauty. Anyway, the line I love is based off egg whites. The first product I have is the pore foam. This I use when I wash my face in the shower. I can lather it up quickly and it leaves my faces softer than before. I combine using the foam with using the pore mask roughly once a week. The mask is significantly heavier than the foam or my moisturizer, but it’s worth doing for the results. Since beginning to use these products I have noticed a difference in my pores and my overall complexion has improved. The pores around my nose were especially bothersome, but now I don’t feel as self conscious about them.

Lastly, I’ve got to circle back to Tony Moly and give a shout out to their face masks. Not only do they help make your skin more healthy, they can relax you after a long day. When I was working in New York City this summer, my skin needed these after being around the pollution and the rough conditions that come with a summer there. I was in the Oculus mall and I bought this Pureness 10-pack set. Tony Moly consistently sets the bar high with packaging. The set came in a sturdy golden gift bag with a clear front to display the masks. Depending on how often you feel like you need to do a mask and what concern you want to address, there’s a huge selection of masks out there. I find these Tony Moly ones to be quality for a reasonable price.


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