The Third Place: My Coffee Shop Obsession

Graduated in May and moved to Baltimore. Quite the time. It’s hard to believe that I’m no longer in school and I already started work. Agency life is intriguing, there’s a lot to learn. But, I’m not here to talk too much about that yet (watch out for that next week). 

For awhile now, I’ve been a connoisseur of vanilla lattes and aesthetic study spaces. Just because I graduated doesn’t mean that I’m done studying or reading (finally, I can read for pleasure again). I think my obsession with coffee shops started because of a desire to get off the hilltop and now continues to be spurred by wanting to adventure in a new city.

Coffee Shops have been christened the ‘third place’ since Starbucks took over the country. They are the perfect place to spend time away from work or school and your home. Having that third place to go to has always been a comfort to me and I’m sure a lot of you can relate. For me, they are always the best places to focus. Now that I travel frequently between Baltimore and DC, I’m enjoying the opportunity to find new ‘third’ places. 

Without further adieu, I wanted to share some of my favorite coffee shops in Baltimore and DC, as well as some places I’m looking forward to trying.




Not the most convenient hours, but a go-to space. This is my favorite coffee shop in DC. The name refers back to the Japanese practice of repairing broken pottery with gold. This place has the best decor, especially if you love foliage and wood. A chill space both for hanging out with friends or getting some work done, Kintsugi staff is also super welcoming and nice. Instead of wasting food, at the end of the day they gave out leftover pastries. 

Sacre Sucre

I am in love with this little place in Fells Point. Friendly staff and close-knit neighborhood vibes permeate the place. The desserts are not to be missed. I had to include this place on my list because it has an adorable little seating area and aesthetic. Though, honestly, the desserts here are the star of the show, there are delicious drinks as well.

Corridor Coffee

When I was living in Burleith right behind Georgetown, this place was my regular go-to. You could find me there finishing out senior year and enjoying a matcha latte. I never had trouble finding a place to sit with seating on two floors and outdoor seats. Their staff also gets a mention for being friendly and having fantastic taste in music.  


The Mt.Vernon neighborhood is a bit far from where I’m living now, but Dooby’s was one of the first coffee shops I went to in Baltimore. Not only is Dooby’s a great coffee shop, it has delicious food too. It’s modern Korean-fusion type menu includes things like pork-belly eggs benedict and kimchi ketchup. 

To Try

Ceremony Coffee 

Exactly my type of environment, from my research online this place looks minimalist and perfect for staying focused. 

The Bun Shop   

Delicious looking food and comfy couches seem to abound in this coffee shop. Can’t wait to go and get a bun.


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