Things I’ve Got My Eye On: YesStyle

My office is terribly cold, which has spurred a lot of searching on my part for the perfect thing to keep me warm inside (though outside is currently 90 degrees and above pretty often in Baltimore, s/o climate change). While working at that, I’ve come across a few other things I’d like to add to my wardrobe/accessories.  As we start to move into the fall season and see sales for school, it’s the perfect time to shop. Then again…I could always go for shopping. But! I’m getting better at self restraint. One of the things to love about YesStyle is that the clothes are far more likely to be in budget. Anyway, enjoy this list! 


Corduroy Jacket 

This jacket is adorable and I’m a big fan of a dusty-pink color for fall. I’ve seen corduroy button downs getting popular with influencers and I saw some on campus this past year. They’re trendy, but I think they could also be a versatile staple. 


Knit Cardigan

Ah! So cozy looking. I need to take the leap and make an order. It’s crazy that at a lot of shops that I would typically buy at, this type of garment would cost significantly more. 


Polka-Dotted Blouse 

As I look around at my coworkers, I think about how I can up my own style at work. Understandably, I still have a very college style. I feel like this blouse is something I could wear to look like the career marketer I want to be. 


Sometimes not having to think about your outfit is exactly what you need. This jumpsuit seems like just the thing for those days you want to have a fun and simple outfit. I like that this one is not too tight either. 


Flower-Drop Earrings 

With tons of reviews affirming that the quality is good, I would love to get these earrings. Ever since I studied abroad in South Korea (where there are tons of earring stores w/affordable prices), I basically change my earrings everyday. These are perfect for days when you want to add a bit of elegance to an outfit. 

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