Coffee Shops and Clubs: Korea

6am in Hongdae, you’re sober, and you’ve gotta find a taxi home. I think a lot of young people who are from or have been to Seoul can relate to that scenario. Depending on where in Seoul you are, you might just have to wait till the bus or trains start to run again and…

Temples and Vending Machines: Japan

What I’ve most often said about Japan is that it feels like a timewarp to me. Both technologically progressive and socially conservative, the most culture shock I’ve felt was in Japan. I loved it and I didn’t find adapting difficult, but it’s the place with the most distinctive and different culture from the US that…

Losing a Parent

This is a very personal subject and a part of me wonders if I will publish it. But, more than anything else recently, writing has been cathartic. I want to share my experience and trust that it will resonate with others who have either lost a parent or someone dear to them (do want to…

Recruiting Season

Recruiting is really all of senior year and after, too. The experience of senior year is beautiful and harrowing. Some people will already have their plans/jobs, some have had great internships and offers, and you probably have great experiences too. However, it is easy not to feel that way if you compare yourself to others. …

The Big Move

Never would I have said I would end up in Baltimore, but here I am. I won’t lie and say it was love at first sight. At heart, I am a big city girl. Not a small city girl or even a medium city girl, b.i.g. That’s why, even as I lived in DC for…

Learning a Second Language

Studying other languages is undoubtedly is one of my favorite things in life. Not only does it allow you to, literally, understand more people, it allows me to learn something about myself.

Things I’ve Got My Eye On: YesStyle

My office is terribly cold, which has spurred a lot of searching on my part for the perfect thing to keep me warm inside. While working at that, I’ve come across a few other things I’d like to add to my wardrobe/accessories.

Pt. 2 Go To Skincare

Like many people, I was not genetically gifted with perfect skin. I struggled throughout my teenage years with acne right alongside most of my friends. Now that my skin is much healthier, I’ve gathered my top 6 skin care products that I can’t live without.

Go To Makeup

I’ll be upfront with everyone. If you know me well, you know that I don’t often wear makeup. Everyday, I put on lip balm, use my brow pencil, mascara, then out the door. But, over the years I have experimented with a lot of different makeup and with some help from my makeup guru (my roommate Maddie, seen with me below, who is an artist with makeup) I have some go-tos to share!